Rainbow Bridge Hospice Rescue

Our Doggies

Meet Annie

Age: 7 Years Old
Weight: 10 Pounds
Sex: Spayed Female
Medical: Mature cataracts on both eyes still has some vision. Several small lumps and 1 large lump on stomach.

Annie was left in a crate outside her home when the owners moved. They said they didn’t want her anymore. A neighbor took her in and brought her to us. This beautiful Maltese is estimated to be between 7- 10 years old, by the veterinarians. She has mammary cancer which requires a radical mastectomy and mature cataracts on both eyes, which also need attention.

Annie loves to snuggle and be with her humans. She has mammary cancer and mature cataracts on both eyes. She will need a radical mastectomy.

August 29th: Annie is one tough little girl. She acts like she hasn’t even had surgery.

August 24th update: Annie did okay last night but really seems to be in a lot of pain this morning. We have her on pain medication so hopefully that will kick in soon.

August 23rd: Cancer won’t win against this little bundle of energy. She had the first of 2
surgeries to remove the cancerous mammary glands on the left side. She has 28 staples and more than 20
stitches. Once she has healed, she will go in for the same surgery on her right side. Let’s
raise her beautiful body up in prayer for a restful and comfortable evening and recovery. It’s because of your generous heart that we can start building a new life for Annie, I think she might be looking for a Valentine in 2023.

Annie recovered beautifully from her mastectomies, but has several more masses that have popped up. The biopsies came back as cancerous. She is happy and not in pain and will live out the rest of her life with Rainbow Bridge Hospice Rescue. We will never let her suffer and we’ll keep her page updated.

Any donation will help!

Meet Cameron

Age: 7 Years Old
Weight: 15 Pounds
Medical: Injured eye

Cameron came into the rescue with a horribly injured eye. She had been adopted but returned a month later with the injury to her eye. She is around 7 years old and 15 pounds. Thankfully we were able to have the eye removed.

Meet Madge

Age: 10 Years Old
Weight: 10 Pounds
Sex: Unaltered Female
Medical: Left hind leg needs to be amputated and she needs to be spayed. Blind in left eye and very limited sight in right eye.

Update: Her amputation went well and after 30 staples, she is safe and comfortable in David’s arms. Once she is healthy and strong enough from this surgery, she will need to undergo eye removal due to glaucoma. We have her on eye drops to help lower the pressure until then. Thank you for your support. It’s through your hearts this has been made possible.

This is Madge. She is 12 years old. Her owner passed away and she had nowhere to go. We brought her home washed her, cut her nails and trimmed the hair out of her eyes. She has an old healed injury to her hind right leg and it just dangles. She is blind in one eye and she only sees shadows out of the other eye. Madge is scheduled to have her amputation and spay on August 11th. We will update on her progress.

Meet Teeny Tiny

Age: 8 Years Old
Weight: 5 Pounds
Sex: Neutered Male
Medical: Has tremors like with Parkinson’s. Vet will evaluate further.

Came from Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital.

Teeny Tiny is a 5 pound little spitfire. He came in with his brother Timmy and they are very bonded. They were dumped by their owners. Teeny Tiny has severe neurological issues. His body shakes but that doesn’t slow him down at all and he loves to snuggle. He will need to go to a neurologist to determine what treatment is best for him.

Meet Timmy

Age: 5 Years Old
Weight: 7 pounds
Sex: Neutered Male
Medical: Large fluid filled mass under his jaw. VCA Hospital drained. Cyst has not caused any fluid build up since it was drained.

Timmy and his brother, Tiny, were both dumped at the shelter by their owners. Timmy is a five-year-old poodle.
Timmy came into the shelter full of fleas and with matted fur. He also had a large cyst under his chin.
At his vet visit, they were able to drain the fluid from the cyst and put him on antibiotics. It is likely the cyst will return and have to be removed.

Meet Wishbone

Age: 16 Years Old
Weight: 14.5 Pounds
Sex: Spayed Female
Medical: Heartworm positive

This is Wishbone. We received a call from a local shelter about a 16 year old that had just been surrendered by her owners  She is nothing but skin and bones. She is heartworm positive and deaf. Wishbone is beginning to settle in but has been grieving for her owners. She is a beautiful and sweet girl who deserves to be loved until her time comes. She is undergoing treatment for the heartworms.

Meet Rocky

Age: 12 Years Old
Weight: 14 pounds
Sex: Neutered Male
Medical: Infected skin,cataracts, underweight and worms.

Rocky was dumped in a fenced in yard and no one came to claim him. His back is hunched like he may have been kept in a crate that was too small for him. When he first came in he wanted to be held but was so tense he wouldn’t relax. It has taken a few weeks but he is now up on the sofa snoozing with his foster mom.

Meet Petey

Age: 6 Years Old
Weight: 15 Pounds
Sex: Unaltered Male
Medical: Matted and flea infested. He could not use his hind legs and scooted everywhere. Not friendly at all and tried to bite everyone that came near him. We took him straight to the vet’s office where the groomer cut the fur from his eyes and we set up an appointment for x-rays, bloodwork, and a complete exam. While he was sedated for the x-rays the groomer shaved him down. He has a compressed disk in his spine.
We took him home and started pain medication, medications for his skin infection and eye drops. Wednesday the little fella was like a different dog. We could rub and give love pats without being bitten. He scooted all over the house just dragging his back legs but seemed so much happier. Saturday David and I were giving out medication to all the dogs, they all came up to the kitchen counter to get their cream cheese, they thought it was a treat. We looked up and Petey was walking towards us! He was wobbling but using his hind legs. Petey has a long way to go and will require surgery at some point but for now he is doing better every day.

Meet Milo

Age: 9 Years Old
Sex: Unaltered Male

Milo is a 9 year old whose owner passed away. The former owner’s children didn’t want him, so they called us. He doesn’t like strangers, and had never been to the vet. He loves the outdoors and running through mud puddles. He also craves attention. Donations will cover these expenses: Vet visits, food, vaccines, flea/tick preventative care, heartworm preventative care and end-of-life care when the time comes.

Meet Colby

Age: 12 Years Old
Sex: Female

This beautiful girl is Colby. Colby’s owner could no longer care for her. She is 12 years old, and her eyes are a complete mess. We have her on medication to help her produce tears. She also had a huge mass in one ear, which we had removed on March 17, 2023, and a horrible infection in both ears.

In Memory of Ziggy

Age: 12 Years Old
Weight: 6.12 Pounds
Sex: Neutered Male

Our sweet Ziggy crossed the bridge. His last months were spent in a safe home filled with love where he received hospice care and lots of snuggles. While our hearts are heavy, we have comfort knowing he passed surrounded by people who loved him instead in a cold shelter alone. This is why Rainbow Bridge Hospice Rescue was created. Any donations received now will go to his cremation and remaining medical bills.

Ziggy was surrendered to the shelter by his owners. He is a 12-year-old poodle.

When we rescued him, his fur was matted to his face and his nails had grown to the point of being ingrown into the pads of his paws. He had lost most of the fur on his body and had a severe skin infection.

In Memory of Brock

Age: 11 Years Old
Weight: 25 Pounds
Sex: Neutered Male

Brock was an 11-year-old stray picked up by Wake County Animal Shelter.
When we rescued him, we found that he was significantly obese, had an ear infection and issues with his eyes.
His vet visit determined that he needs special diet food, lots of exercise, antibiotics, eye drops and potential eye surgery. He has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but spent his final weeks surrounded by love and care — exactly what we love doing for hospice dogs!

In Memory of Muffin

Age: 13 Years Old

Muffin was 13 years old when she was taken to the shelter by her owners. We stepped in to help Muffin, whose little body was riddled with cancer. Eventually, her sugar level spiked and we couldn’t save her. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 29, 2022, with her foster mom and dad at her side. All the donations will now go to help pay for her surgery, vet visits and cremation. Her medical bills were more than $2,000. Even a $5 donation will help.